About Us

Why another company providing services that exist everywhere?


The inspiration to create Mobile Multitaskers came from years of hearing of the need for a reliable, trustworthy  all-rounder for home support services that is also affordable.

Coming from a Nutritional & Health & Healing background, I personally foresaw a gap in the market to provide high quality, fresh and nutritious food and advice as part of food services for those who require home care and personal support.

Not leaving out the opportunity to be free to make informed recommendations for proven natural remedies for healing and pain relief. A large percentage of professionals who provide social care feel dis-empowered and restricted in the level of care they can give their service users due to strict regulations.

I am deeply passionate about providing a bespoke, informative and relaxed service to the community.

Head Multitasker Dee

Mobile Multitasker brings a fresh approach to home support services from our family to your family.

During the introduction process for colleague Multitaskers, I personally undertake the entire welcoming process from interview to introduction to bespoke customer service. Full training is given to ensure new Multitaskers are confident in providing the highest level of service.

For your peace of mind, we go above and beyond and ensure our colleagues have transferable skills and experience, a valid DBS certificate, relevant insurance and own vehicle.

Character & employer references during the welcoming process.

 Multitaskers are also paid the highest wage rates in the industry for comparative roles - I believe the front line should receive the reward and recognition for their dedicated contributions to our communities.